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Wednesday, 5th September 2018 07:00pm

A public Meeting will be held at Westbury Village Hall on Wednesday 5th September 2018 commencing at 7 pm to give all local residents the opportunity to hear about the option to be included as a Cluster in the ‘Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development’ as part of Shropshire Councils Local Plan Review.

In Community Clusters, appropriate development will be encouraged on sites already allocated within the SAMDev Plan; suitable small-scale infill sites; or through the conversion of existing buildings within or immediately adjoining the built form of the settlement. i. A small-scale site is generally considered to be up to 3 dwellings or 0.1ha. ii. An infill site consists of land with built development on at least two sides, which is also clearly within the built form of a settlement. It should not however result in a cramped form of development. iii. The rural area between Community Cluster settlements is considered countryside, where development is strictly controlled.

Shropshire Local Plan Review Consultation on Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development gives a more detailed explanation and can be found in section 6.

Westbury Parish Council has supported the current Open Countryside Designation based on evidence detailed in the Parish Plan, Local Plan and representation from residents at a Public Meeting held on 13th December 2017

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Members of the Public and Press are welcome to attend any meetings of the Parish Council or its Committees, although there are occasions when meetings must go into private session when dealing with matters of a confidential nature.

Speaking at a Meeting - You do not have the right to speak at a meeting unless invited to do so by the Council.  If you wish to speak then you must contact the Clerk beforehand or make yourself known to the Clerk at the start of the meeting. 

Parish Council Meetings
Council meetings are important; this is where decision are made for the parish. The chairman is in charge of the meeting, and the clerk supports the council as it discusses business. The meeting is the council team in action.

Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council are controlled by law, namely the Local Government Act 1972.

The Annual Meeting of a Parish Council, (often erroneously called the AGM) must take place in May and like all parish council meetings, only 3 clear days notice is required. In an election year the annual meeting must take place on the day when councillors take office, or within 14 days thereafter. Councillors take office 4 days after the day of election.
At the annual meeting a new chairman must be nominated. A vice-chairman may be nominated also and appointments to committees made.

The Annual Parish Meeting is held on a date between 1st March and 30th June each year and must not start before 6pm. At least 7 clear days notice of the meeting (including agenda) must be given or 14 days if any of the topics concern establishing, abolishing or merging the parish council.
A meeting for residents of the parish and an opportunity for local residents and organisations to learn what the parish council has been doing on their behalf for the past year.
The meeting is also an opportunity for residents to discuss and ask questions about local issues which are important to them. Residents can usually submit items for the agenda or raise items during the meeting.

It is open to everybody although only those who are resident within the Parish have the right to speak and only those on the electoral roll have a right to vote. The meeting is designed to allow everyone within the parish to get together to discuss any topics of local interest and is a relatively informal and user-friendly meeting.
Members of the parish council do not have to attend this meeting but the Chairman of the Parish Council must preside if he is present and the parish council as a body should take notice of the items raised at the meeting for discussion/consideration in the next full parish council meeting.