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Welcome to Westbury Parish Council

Westbury Parish is situated seven miles due west of Shrewsbury and extends to the Welsh border.

The Parish consists of several settlements i.e. Westbury, Yockleton, Nox, Stoney Stretton and Vennington plus a variety of smaller scattered hamlets and individual dwellings.

The Parish has two wards – Westbury and Yockleton. The Parish is 3903 hectares in size and has a population of around 1352 citizens giving a population density ratio of 35 people per km². This compares to a Shropshire average of 97 people per km².

98% of the land in the Parish is given over to agriculture mainly arable, sheep, poultry and pigs. The Parish Council has two long term leases on the Westbury and Yockleton Playing areas.

The Parish owns and operates:

  • Approximately half the streetlights in Westbury and Yockleton
  • The playing equipment in Westbury
  • The playing equipment in Yockleton
  • The Parish noticeboards



Westbury Parish Council may collect your personal data to provide you with a service under the GDPR Act 2018.  Your information will only be processed by the Council and will not be shared with any third parties.