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11th November 2020

Households in Westbury Parish will soon be receiving a free SmartWater kit purchased uniquely for your household by your local parish council working alongside the We Don’t Buy Crime team and West Mercia Police to protect your home from burglary.

Due to the current restriction of Covid-19 and the need to self-isolate, this kit has been safely pre-registered to your address and this solution is now unique to your home. This procedure is in line with Royal Mail general data protection regulations / guidelines, however should you wish to opt out of this initiative simply email and we will remove the kit/your record from the initiative.

Why protect your items with SmartWater?

If your items were stolen, the police could trace them back to you.  By SmartWater protecting your items you deter burglary.

The We Don’t Buy Crime team work vigorously to encourage all organisations who buy items off the public; retailers, scrap metal merchants, auction houses, antique and jewellery dealers to check for SmartWater therefore sabotaging the re-sale avenue of stolen goods. We have over 200 businesses that are actively doing this.

In a court of law, SmartWater is sufficient evidence to convict a criminal with 100% conviction rate in court to date – since 1995 over 1000 SmartWater convictions have taken place and a far greater number of burglaries prevented in our neighbourhoods and SmartWater protected areas see an average reduction in burglaries of 65%

What’s in SmartWater?

SmartWater is made up of 85% Water, 10% polymers plus a unique mix of rare earth metal traces which make every bottle unique.

SmartWater is invisible in daylight but fluoresces under UV light and cannot be removed once fully adhered to its surface.

What if I do not receive a kit?

We will be sending out over 400 kits.   If you are aware your neighbour has received a kit and you have not, please contact the parish council and advise the clerk.



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